Surgeon Innovation Partners

VisionVentions™ uses the most advanced additive manufacturing technology on the market to design, develop, and commercialize products in 10% of the time of traditional manufacturing methods. By leveraging the most sophisticated technology in combination with its additive manufacturing expertise, VisionVentions™ has transformed the time and cost to develop products for surgeons' unmet and underserved needs. It is only through the partnership with surgeon-innovators that VisionVentions™ can achieve its long-term vision. 

Manufacturing Partners

In addition to its unique product development and manufacturing capabilities, VisionVentions™ partners with world-renowned manufacturers to commercialize products throughout the US and globally. VisionVentions™ intends to continue to add best-in-class products and services to its offering to enhance support for both its customers and its partners.

Distribution Partners

VisionVentions™ continues to seek elite partners, particularly independent sales representatives, to commercialize all products in its offering. The offering consists of an expanding range of products from proprietary to high-quality, third-party distribution.

Contact Us

If you are a surgeon-innovator, please contact us through the Contact Us page on this site.