Geuder®, AG ranks among the leading manufacturers of ophthalmologic surgical instruments and devices. With more than 3,000 different precision instruments that are exported to more than 90 countries, the renowned Heidelberg-based company covers the entire range of instruments required for almost all surgical procedures on the eye. A high degree of precision and reliability and the connection of technological innovations with traditional craftsmanship are among the key elements of the company's future-oriented philosophy.


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Instruments and Devices for Ophthalmic Surgery

Geuder is one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative ophthalmic surgical instruments and device systems as well as high-purity ophthalmic fluids and gases.

Quality, precision, reliability

Handmade in Germany, our instruments stand for the highest quality, precision and reliability. We offer our customers over 3,000 different precision instruments as well as individual custom-made products.

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Ophthalmology is a highly specific surgical discipline that not only places the highest demands on eye surgeons. Modern treatments cannot be carried out without precise instruments, innovative equipment systems and highly effective and excellently tolerated vitreoretinal fluids.

The Geuder Group has set itself the goal of making a significant contribution to the success and further development of surgical procedures in ophthalmic surgery.

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The formula for success: traditional craftsmanship combined with research and development

For 70 years, Geuder AG has been combining traditional craftsmanship with technological progress. As the parent company of the Geuder Group, it develops, produces and markets eye instruments and device systems for the latest surgical techniques in close cooperation with leading ophthalmic surgeons.

Like VisionVentions™ the Geuder Group stands for innovation and research. In doing so, we rely on the most qualified product developers of all: the eye surgeons themselves. They work daily with our ophthalmic surgical instruments, device systems and biomaterials. Therefore, they are predestined to work with our developers to advance new ideas in eye surgery. In exchange with physicians worldwide, we create the basis for groundbreaking innovations.